Tussestua (or chateau Marianne) on Foynland, Norway.Marianne (my ex-wife) inherited the cottage.  Her grandfather was called Ingvar Hvistendahl and has a somewhat interesting heritage.  Apparently he was secretly in the Norwegian resistance during the second world war and maintained a wealthy situation as a cover.  He married Isabel Fraser of the famous Scottish Fraser clan.  Isabel Hvistendahl died on Tuesday 8th July 1997.  Marianne informed me that there were a lot of Nazi sympathisers at the funeral.  Ingvar built a shipping company.  It started with whaling.  At some point whaling became un-commercial and so he diversified to cargo.  In its day it was a significant shipping company.  When I married Marianne, however, they had no ships left.  The shell of the company was eventually sold to an Argentinean.  However, the Hvistendahl’s had a bit of dosh left.  Ingvar and Isabel had four children (Ingvar, Erik, Elisabeth & Harald).  Coincidentally, Elisabeth (known as Bet) married a Scottish man, one TTS Ingram, and went to live in Edinburgh.  Bet & Tom (TTS as he was known to his colleagues) had one child; a daughter called Marianne (the one I married).  Ingvar (senior) had built a summer house on Foynland.  It's a very nice traditional wooden house with a grass roof (have you ever tried mowing the roof - not funny - I can tell you).  It was built on top of a hill on the island overlooking the Oslo fjord.  As a gift to his daughter he built a smaller house, called Tussestua (see MultiMap), down at the foot of the hill by the fjord.  Access is rustic and very difficult.  You cannot get a car anywhere near the house.  Try getting the shopping down the mountain path on a rainy day.  Elisabeth Ingram died on Saturday 20 June 1987 and consequently left the house to Marianne.

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