the bottom line


Ok so Iíll tell it how it is.  I admire people who dye their hair odd colours, I admire people who pierce their ears, I admire people who pierce their noses, their lips, their tongues, their belly button and genitals, I admire people who masturbate, who defecate, who love to eat other peoples shit.  I do not admire people who cannot face their own pain but rather project it onto others in the form of jealousy and greed, in the form of paranoia and megalomania.  I do not like the act of anaesthetising oneself against oneís own pain by projecting it onto others.  If I were God I would welcome those bizarre but brave people who were willing to be true to themselves by breaking every social and cultural constraint to live their life as it was to them.  I would simply not know those who would not be real.  The pain avoided by those people who would not carry their own choosing would simple go round again to be experienced until the truth were known.  Thatís how it is.

© Nik Allday 2000