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This is just a listing of all the pages on this web site for easy access to them all.  Some of them appear as one word links embedded in text and are otherwise hard to find unless you happen upon them.  There are numerous links to other web pages of relevence throughout this site.  They are not listed here.

---  my personal page - lots of thoughts and odd ideas, some bits of information
------   books and cds - just lots of things I like (and you can buy)
------   counselling - some information about and thoughts on counselling
------   SenLab labelling software - a really neat labeling solution for those endless mailing lists and much more
------ on gravity & emotions (and the price of fish) - and I'm not the only one
------   a barren street - written about 1980
------   a peom on guilt - written in 1982
------   am i real? - written in 2003
------  oliviero toscani - and the “Looking Death in the Face” campaign
------   love - some thoughts on the subject and substance of love
---------   father christmas, the tooth fairy, and god - and what about life after
------   storm at sea - recollections of a night in a storm
------------   the real story - a one liner
---------------   the real story 2 - the connection with the comsat angels
------------   lizards and lorries - some thoughts on substance and sameness
------------   the bottom line - what I really feel
------   tussestua - our cottage in norway
------   bikes - a bit about me and my bike
---   blimp - up in an airship over steeple aston
---  ski pics
---  eleonor's home page
------   eleonor's pictures
------   more about me - a few things about eleonor
---   a list
---   marianne allday
---   /arbitrarybits/tongue in cheek
---   children-services-abuse/

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