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8 May 2011
This is the Main Index of the collection of articles and documents in the Children Services Abuse section.

Here is a case of abuse by Children Services.  This presentation has many dimensions ranging from the purely pragmatic issues in today's world to the more philosophical issues of how a civilised society might conduct itself.

These pages arose because of a specific sequence of events which involved the UK's Social Services' Children Services and a single parent and child family.

The case is a real one but all identifying material is fictionalised.  There are many motives for this publication and some are: to expose the real life events, to encourage others in their opposition to current bad practice, to illustrate and highlight the abusive behaviour and irrational arguments of officialdom, and to discuss and hopefully improve the philosophical perceptions of our culture.  It is possible that members of the Social Services and other official organisations might be interested in the content in order to gain insight and better understand their own organisations and the people that they serve.

The content is currently being developed and so this is an evolving publication.  If you wish to be notified when new material is added you can email Sam Spruce with a clear request and you will be notified when new pages are added under this subject.  You may also wish to contribute and although this is a web site and not a blog you are welcome to comment and unless you request otherwise your comments may be added to the discussion and views.  You can also subscribe to the Toxic Drums Newsletter for more general updates.

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