Tongue in cheek - or was that Cock in chicken

Sometimes when I am picking my nose and it is particularly satisfying I wonder… In the entire history of the universe and the infinite number of possibilities is this one thing amongst many that the universe wanted to experience.  And here I am, as part of this universe, processing this totally unique experience as part of the infinite possible set of things in one of an infinite number of possible universes.

It brings to mind a photo I saw once of a man who, in the act of copulating with a chicken, had been unfortunate enough to be hit by a falling rock from a cliff.  Both he and the chicken were dead.  What rotten luck.  What unfortunate timing.  Caught in the act by nature.  And a photographer in the vicinity too.  But maybe, just maybe, that was another experience that the universe wanted.

Then I am reminded of the biblical quote “With God, all things are possible.”

© Nik Allday 2000